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It can be hard to teach children that giving a gift is just as meaningful as receiving a gift. Kids understand the language of receiving without being taught. Their entire lives depend on receiving because they must receive to survive from infant hood. But as they grow and mature it’s important for us to teach them how to also feel a sense of joy and fulfillment in giving to others and not only receiving from others.

How can we teach children that giving is just as meaningful as receiving?

Here are 3 ways we can create an atmosphere of giving in our homes and communities that will teach children how to find joy in giving as well as receiving. 

People on the picnic, recconect with your community this holiday1. Regularly plan family events in which you are giving to others. This counts during the rest of the calendar year and not only at Christmastime. There are plenty of ways we can be involved in our communities. Such as working on a common community goal like a garden, food bank, park clean-up, toy drive, or beach clean up.

2. Challenge your kids to choose someone they would like to prepare a gift outside your immediate family. And consider creating homemade gifts that require a little time, thought and effort. Sure you could swing by your local warehouse store and grab some prepackaged item that could work just fine. But, taking the time to prepare something special adds to the giving spirit.

Binoculars "to look out for animals"3. Sponsor a needy family that cannot afford to provide for their children to receive gifts on special ocations.

This time of year there are dozens of organizations that are preparing gifts for families in need. Be sure to do your research and get involved with only organizations who are reputable. Even in your own neighborhood, there may be a family having a particularly difficult year and a little help will go a long way! Take notice around you.

Take notice around you, and teach your family to do the same. Our world is made of communities and neighborhoods that are not all that different. This Christmas challenge your own family to learn the value of giving and not just receiving.