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Build your dreams

Build your dreams

In the last post we told you How A Vision Board Can Serve Your Life Goals. Now that you have involved your team or had a brainstorm with yourself, you are ready to take those ideas to the next step.

When you have discussed your ideas for what you aspire to become, you must prioritize your 3 major goals. If your family aspires to take a vacation to Hawaii this summer, you may want to put that goal at the top because it is time-sensitive. If this goal will require the family to tighten the budget a little to make this happen then every member of the family will need to be in on the goal setting so that everyone is committed to the required action steps.

For example if each member of the family is accustomed to receiving a weekly spending allowance this would be the time to discuss curbing the amount handed out each week.

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Baby steps towards the end goal

Now it’s time to consider the first baby steps you must take to get to that end goal.  It’s best to begin by laying out the baby steps so that you establish momentum and commitment to your long term goals. When a goal seems too far into the future we naturally feel as though small steps aren’t really accomplishing much and we can easily become discouraged. Lay out 3 small steps you can take to get your team or yourself on the path toward the ultimate goal. If you need to do some research, set a date by which you intend to have completed at least phase 1 of your research. If you need to make some contacts, set a date and follow through. If you need to fill out an application, commit to doing so!  The Idea is to break your most prominent goal down into bite-sized chunks.

Finally, you will create a board that embodies your dreams and goals!  Remember the purpose of your vision board is to inspire you, and affirm your goals. Keep the main focus of your board the current goal you (or your team) are working on.  Cut out pictures that create the image of where you see yourself heading. Add words in bold print that describe your vision. Include words and images that inspire you to become all that you can be! Each month take the time to revisit your board to see where you need to add more images or words, even quotes. You may from time to time be inspired by some other famous or even little known person who accomplished great things.  Keep it fresh, and read it daily!

New Mindset New Result

Keep your vision board fresh, full of inspiration and read it daily!

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