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The Make It A Great Day Bag is the best bag for everyday use. It is designed to be versatile, durable and most of all dependable. We designed the bag so that it could be used in daily life without having to worry about its capability. We crafted the Make It A Great Day Bag using high-quality, water resistant canvas on the outside and 100 % polyester on the inside. This combination creates a bag that looks great, is tough enough to withstand everyday usage and is very easy to clean.
Get your Make Great Days Bag Dirty!

Don’t Be Afraid To Get It Dirty!

This is the best bag for everyday use, you can to take it everywhere you go. From shopping, to school, to work, or to the great outdoors, this bag knows no boundaries. Because of its versatility, however, it will inevitably get dirty. Here is how you can keep your bag clean and maintain that new bag look!
how to clean your make great days bag

The Fastest Way To Make
Your Bag Look New Again

To clean your Make It A Great Day Bag all you need is some gentle dishwashing liquid and some warm water. It is important that you DO NOT USE any chemicals or solvents to clean the bag as they could damage the materials or fade the colors.  To clean, simply take a soft wash cloth and soak it in the warm water. Now place some gentle dishwashing liquid on the wash cloth (about the size of a nickel) and begin to rub the bag gently. It cleans best when you rub in vertical or horizontal lines, going in the same direction as the fabric. You can clean just the dirty spots or the entire bag using this same technique.

Once you are done cleaning your Make It A Great Day Bag you can hang it out to air dry. Do not attempt to put it in the dryer. The heat could damage the plastic buckles and polyester inside. The Make It A Great Day Bag is versatile, tough and easy to clean, making it the ideal bag for everyday use!

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