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In our previous posts, we have been sharing tips about reducing stress, maximizing productivity and making it a great day by making simple changes to your calendar and to-do list. Today’s tip will help you make it a great day before your day even starts. We will take the tips you learned about your calendar and to-do list and apply them to the end of each day. The Secret to starting your day with energy?

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Make Tomorrow a Great Day Before it Even Starts!

Make time to perform a brief daily review at the end of each day

Sounds simple but this simple life hack can dramatically improve your mental focus and productivity. Your daily review shouldn’t take anymore than 10-15 minutes! It is best to do it about an hour before bed so that your mind is still focused. Plus, by performing your daily review at this time, you will have a clear mind when bed time arrives, which will allow for a better night’s sleep.

How to put the daily review into practice in 2 easy steps:

1. Start by reviewing your day and performing a “brain dump” on paper. Were any appointments missed or rescheduled? Were any scheduled to-do items left undone? Did any unplanned appointments or to-do list items pop up unexpectedly?

2. Next, review tomorrow’s calendar appointments and to-do list. Consider how today’s outcome may affect tomorrows schedule. Do you need to move scheduled appointments, add any new follow up appointments or to-do items? What task can be removed from your list because they were completed? What new tasks should be added to the list? Once you have done this, you will have a clear head and a clear picture of what tomorrow holds!

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Pack your Make It a Great Day Bag

Tomorrow Can Be a Great Day with one small habit! Review your day before you head off to bed!

By implementing an evening daily review, you will be prepared to handle what is most important as well as have a structure in place for handling new tasks and appointments as they arise. You get to Make Your Day Great before it even starts!