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For most of my life, I have always embraced the phrase “Make it a Great Day”

While it is a simple phrase, the meaning sometimes gets lost in the day-to-day clutter of life.

Even though each day may be far from perfect; it is the perfect time from which to move positively ahead. Even though there may not be an ideal time to move forward, I hope that we can embrace today and start to get to wherever we desire to go.

It is moment to take the steps toward our goals and no longer look backward. In life’s journey, the direction in which you are headed is much more important than where you happen to be.

This is the time you can make a higher commitment to the things you truly value. It may be your health, family, friends, work or your community you value. You have learned from the past what has held you back and what has always moved you forward; so embrace the things that will move you ahead.

There will be challenges and not everything will go the way you planned but there is no reason to limit yourself to the opportunities that abound.

You have the power “today” to make this day one of those days that you will always look back upon with a smile and delight. Today will quickly pass but regardless of what you do with it, with a little effort you can “Make it a Great Day!!!”

Tim Godzich
Make Great Days, Inc.