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We started this Happy Days series with 2 Tips for Beginners on how to find more happiness in their day to day life. It begins with accepting who you are and where you are at this moment in time. Even if it’s not who or where you thought you’d be. Accepting where you’ve come from and refusing to let it be a hindrance to your future, are enormous steps to make toward your future goals. Next, is learning to live in this moment instead of living for tomorrow.

With appointments and calendars full of things to do seemingly always out in front, it’s rare that we make the time to focus in on what we are doing today and who we are with.

2 more ways to add joy to your day to day routine.

Drink plenty of water1. Get a good morning routine.

Starting the day right is simply the best way to help you focus in a positive way on the possibilities your day holds. A faithful morning routine energizes you and brings focus to your day! Everyone finds their special something that makes them feel great about the day…for some it’s yoga or exercise, maybe it’s the morning paper and an excellent breakfast. Whatever it is, add some inspiration to your morning. Choose a great author or faith-inspired quotes, and set yourself up for a positive day. Plan to be on time. Your morning routine will help you stay ahead of the clock and add a little extra happiness to your day.

people make it a great day2. Learn to appreciate more.

Thankfulness is truly a skill. Many of us plan and work towards goals we see out in the future but fail to focus on the amazing life we have here before us today. Be Thankful for the people in your life, the things you own (no matter how many or few), the job you have (no matter if it’s the job you want). Just be thankful for three things out loud every day. Then, write them down! Recording all of the things you have to be grateful for each day is a way of cementing the idea that you are better off today than you were yesterday. You are alive and growing and changing. This simple practice causes us to be in the present as we mentioned in our first Happy Days post, and it brings you closer in touch with the things that matter in life.

Learn to live Happy Days, Establish a Morning routine

Being in touch with the things that matter is fuel for a happy life.  Don’t let today slip away unnoticed. Take the time to establish a consistent morning routine and be thankful for three things today! Happy Days are just a few healthy habits away!