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Giving gifts can be a delicate matter. What do you buy for the person who seems to have everything? We have the solution for you! The most versatile tote, carry-all, backpack – The Make it a Great Day Bag!

It can be quite difficult to buy the perfect convertible bag from an old school brick and mortar shop. To find just the right bag you would need to visit dozens of shops. That’s why The Make it a Great Day Bag is the perfect gift! You can shop online, see the bag inside and out, and send the bag on its way to its new owner in just a few clicks.

Make it a Great Day backpack at the pool


IMG_2124 (1)Business owners, County School boards, Booster Clubs, Scout Troops, Religious groups and even Awards Companies have all shown their appreciation with a tote bag!  Do you want to thank your customers for their loyalty? Are you planning a family reunion, a multiple family vacation, or a destination wedding? Give the Make it a Great Day Bag! How about a welcome basket in the hotel rooms of your out of town guests? They’re going to need a great bag to travel around the beautiful destination you’ve chosen, and let’s not forget the souvenirs they’ll want to bring home. They’ll love the perfect carry-all to pack them in!

Giving The Make It A Great Day Bag, is a sure-fire way to show your thanks! It only takes one trip out of the door with The Make It A Great Day Bag to realize you don’t need any other extra bags floating around your hallway closet. Take the moment this Winter to clear out that collection of different sizes and shapes of totes! You won’t need them anymore.

 Give the most versatile backpack/carry-all, The Make it a Great Day Bag!

IMG_1934This bag will make everyone else jealous that you know who got one and they didn’t!  Be the hit at gift giving with The Make it a Great Day Bag! Made of durable high-quality canvas, this bag is built to handle anything you stuff inside. With several specialized pockets inside and netted exterior pockets, your items will be safe and secure! Trust the Make it a Great Day Company when you need the perfect gift. We make gift giving easy.