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Fall is here with all of its brilliant colors and textures! Have you already enjoyed some time outdoors to take it all in? If not, this may be the perfect chance for you to schedule some time away with the ones you love. You may not have ever thought of Thanksgiving camping, but it can be a great way to disconnect from our digital world and get some down time with your family. You may not be jumping at the thought of giving up all of your Thanksgiving Day Family Traditions, but creating some new traditions isn’t a bad idea either. Give Camping a Try this Thanksgiving! 

3 Reasons Why Camping on Thanksgiving is a Great Idea!

1. Stress-Free Meal Prep. Taking your turkey dinner to the campfire means you have to make some obvious adjustments. However, it also means you will be cutting down dramatically on the time it takes you to buy, prepare, cook, and clean up your traditional Thanksgiving meal. Are you interested in preparing the easiest Thanksgiving meal ever? The Campfire will make that happen! Turkey legs over an open fire, sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows roasted in a dutch oven, grilled seasonal veggies, and apple crisp with granola topping all cooked over the grill or open flame. Easy campfire meal

2. Downtime With Your Loved Ones. The great outdoors offers us a lot, but it doesn’t come with WiFi. That is an advantage with families who are running on schedules that make downtime hard to come by. Gather your gang around the fire and enjoy conversations in which you can see their faces. Plan some fun conversation starters for the lull after dinner is done. Don’t forget to pack all of the ingredients for your campfire S’Mores.

3. Relaxation. You can’t beat a lazy day at Thanksgiving. Your same family traditions of football and embarrassing family stories can still go on at the campsite. CELEBRATE LABOR DAY But, there is so much more. Take along your fishing pole, rent a kayak, or plan a geocache adventure. So many things await you to help take your mind off the rhythm of your daily schedule and get you refocused on what’s important.

Taking time to focus is always a benefit to you, your loved ones and those you work with. A camping trip this Thanksgiving could be just the thing you need to gather your loved ones around closer and re- discover the rhythm of your life.