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The way to a healthier life is simply to eat better and move more

Eat smaller portions but don’t eliminate foods

One of the biggest misconceptions about eating is that certain food groups are bad for you. The truth is that our bodies need carbohydrates and good fats as well as protein. All the food groups have a purpose for our bodies function and health. The problem is to eat too much processed food or portions beyond your calorie requirement. You don’t gain weight because you ate bread, but because you ate more carbohydrates  than your body needed. Eat reasonable size portions of little bit of everything.

Eat regularly

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can result in out-of-control hunger, often leading to overeating. Having the right snacks between meals can help stay full longer and eat smaller portions. This is by no way a substitute for your full-size meals but is definitely a healthier way to eat. Also, remember to count all your snacks as part of your total calorie intake.

Drink plenty of fluids

The average adult needs to drink at least 1.5-2 L of fluids per day. If the weather is very hot or if they are physically active, the fluid intake will need to increase. Tap water is obviously a good source of liquid but diversity can be both pleasant and healthy. A good alternative can be natural juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, milk etc. Just try to avoid the sugars.

get on the move to burn calories and stay healthyGet on the move

If your calorie consumption is bigger than your calorie burning, you will gain weight, it is as simple as that. Moderate physical activity helps burn the extra calories. It is also beneficial for the heart, circulatory system, general health and well-being. Include physical activity as part of your daily routine. Take a walk around the park, use the stairs, find a sport that you like, go to a local gym. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to be healthy and strong.