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A Great Destination for Your Spring Travels with Friends and Family

Costa Rica’s South Pacific region offers many beautiful places to visit. But there are definitely two very special ones that you can’t miss. The Nauyaca Waterfalls located in a canyon approximately eight meters wide, and the Ballena Bay, located on the Osa Peninsula, inside the Marino Ballena National Park.

The biggest fall in Nauyaca is forty-five meters high in free fall, that’s more than 130 feet, which forms a bottom pool that’s 3,000 square feet wide and almost 20 feet deep. The falls are recognized worldwide for their beauty and for it’s contributing to ecotourism.

nauyaca waterfallsWhat to do at Nauyaca Falls?

First, horseback riding tours, departing from the main office, passing by Don Lulo’s house, where you will have a delicious and typical Costa Rican meal. And second, a walk/hike through the mountains, where you take a journey to reach the falls while enjoying the beauty of the tropical rainforest.

Once you reach your final destination, you can jump into the water and freshen up from the long walk or ride. Nothing better after a good hike, than swimming in natural waters.

What to do at Ballena Bay?

At Ballena Bay you can walk on a very unusual beach, where you have ocean shore on both sides. There is a 1.8km long sand strip that divides the two coasts and hosts the most marvelous sunsets.

Costa Rica Ballena bay

Source: La Nación

There are many touristic activities to choose from, such as horseback, kayaking, riding, sunbathing and visiting the Marino Ballena National Park, where you can explore the green rainforest and the largest coral reef in the Central American Pacific. You may also encounter dolphin and whales if you visit in the correct season, as well as sea turtles when they nest between the months of May and November.

Next time you think about traveling, consider Costa Rica as a great option. It is a beautiful country! These two places offer a small glimpse of all the amazing options available for you to visit. And as you pack for your next adventure, don’t forget to take one of our backpacks with you.