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Tim, entrepreneur and founder our company, is dedicated to making his favorite phrase, “Make It a Great Day!” a way of life for him and those he cares about.  At the heart of this company is the goal of seeing others affected by this phrase too! Taking the right steps to make your day great starts with a game plan. One of the most popular posts on self improvement – 15 things you should give up to be happy – gave us a few tips on how to take charge of our lives and move toward a healthier and happier life. A few weeks ago we had reviewed some powerful steps to help us all achieve a healthy and happy state of mind!

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Top 3 tips that can help you live life with intentionality

1. Give up on negative self-talk. We’ve said it before, everyone talks to themselves, even though we don’t want to admit it.  The truth is not every thought that crosses our mind is healthy or beneficial and we have to stop the ones that are destroying us by eliminating them.

2. Stop complaining!  There are unlikeable people, traffic jams, financial concerns, and many other situations that will always exist.  Complaining just sucks the life out of you . It’s not those situations that trigger sadness or worry or frustration, it is how you choose to respond to each. Once again, giving up negative self-talk and its cousin, complaining, are the first steps to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Or the silver lining behind the next rainbow.

3. Give up Criticism. Criticism is only one’s way of attempting to keep others down in a poor attempt to raise your own self worth.  It’s a pitiful characteristic and one that turns others off. Everyone wants to succeed. Everyone wants a chance at their dreams. Not everyone goes about it the same way…so be it. Expend your energy on making your choices the best ones, instead of focusing on others’ apparent failure or indiscretions.

The Make it a Great Day Company is dedicated to intentional living.

IMG_1941Make today Great!  Take stock of the words you let slip out. Harness the negative ones and let the positive ones flow!  Take along a journal and head out for a little time to evaluate where you are putting your energy! Learn how to life your life more positively. Grab your Make it a Great Day Bag and take some time for just you. Whether its a hike down your favorite trail, or a quick stop off at the beach for some sunshine and alone time – this bag won’t let you down! Throw in a lot or a little, and Make Your Day Great!

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