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You may remember the famous rabbit from Alice in Wonderland hustling about while chanting “I’m late, I’m Late, for a very important date!” Does this describe you? Are you always in a hurry, rushing about trying not to be late? Would you describe yourself as someone who is generally in a rush? Do you seem to never have enough time to get ready, prepare for a meeting, or arrive at an appointment on time?

Being late is a trait many people have simply chosen to accept about themselves. Some would even say causally, “I’m fashionably late”. It’s become even culturally acceptable to be late. While it may be true that while keeping someone waiting for you is rude, most late arrivers don’t do it on purpose.

arrive on time,Some research has shown chronically late individuals truly have a misconception of time. Some enjoy the last minute rush to prepare and get out the door on time! Some unfortunately are simply rebels and don’t hold others in high enough regard to respect their time and arrive on time.

Here are 3 ways to help you change the habit of being late!

1. Start by re evaluating your time. You have to know the true measurement of how long it takes you to not only get ready but walk to the car, and drive to your destination. This is where many people go wrong right from the start! They grossly underestimate the amount of time it will take to get themselves ready and arrive at their destination. Time it during a non essential event, and then make adjustments accordingly.

2. You may need to play some mind games. Tell yourself you can’t do anything extra during the “getting ready” time frame you have given yourself. If you have timed yourself and allotted 30 minutes to get ready, then you can’t also walk the dog, or fold a load of laundry, or return a phone call during that 30 minute period you set up for getting ready. Don’t add one thing extra to your list.

arrive on time, Conquer Stress, Have A Happy Day3. Always allow buffer time for the inevitable. We all know a woman is going to want to change her clothes 3 extra times, the route you thought would have the least traffic suddenly has more traffic than ever. If you have calculated your preparation and travel time down to the second without any room for error, you will likely fin yourself late again. Instead of trying to be realistic with exact times, add a few extra minutes of buffer time.

Being chronically late is a habit you can change! With a few small life hacks you can turn around your timing and preparation to assure you will arrive on time!