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Lets face it the work week can take a lot out of you. By the time the weekend comes around we just want to fall on the couch.  This weekend be intentional and give your self a break in a different way.  Do something fun with your favorite people and plan a fun day of outdoor activities. Take a walk through nature, hit the beach, the lake front, or at least a central park. Get wet, or play a game of basket ball, push the kids on the swing, or if you’re feeling adventurous plan a weekend trip! It may take a little planning but the benefits are worth it!

We headed to the beach this weekend and met up with friends for a barbecue.  They have a beautiful home on the beach with an inviting pool that the kids didn’t want to leave! We knew we would likely be there all afternoon, and hoped to enjoy the gorgeous sunset hour as well, so we packed our Make it a Great Day Bag, planning to stay for the long haul.

Large backpack for day at the club

The Make it a Great Day Bag goes everywhere!

With 5 kids this time and 2 adults, we needed a change of clothes and bathing suits for the whole gang. Plus 7 towels and sunscreen. We made everyone wear their flips and suits, then packed changes of clothing for 7 people, 7 towels, sand toys, and a few toiletry items like baby wipes and hair brushes etc.  I stuffed 3 bottles of sunscreen into the mesh outer pockets, and a large bottle of water in our Kleen Kanteen in the side mesh pocket. Into the inner pocket went our i pad, and i phones. We took the bag to the beach for a little while as we romped in the sand and shore break with the little ones. The big ones (and a dad or two) hit the waves for an hour or so. Then we re- packed some things and headed up to the house to enjoy the pool. Pool side we had our bag within reach for sunscreen and water bottles.

When the sun finally set and the whole gang was water logged and ready for some delicious barbecue, we pulled out of our Make it a Great Day Bag, 7 towels and 7 changes of clothing!  Then,  in went all the wet suits and sandy toys.  Once we dragged ourselves away from this beautiful home we arrived home and clean up was simple. I literally dumped the entire bag out on the back porch! I separated the wet items for washing and shook out my sandy bag. I hung the bag on my clothes line to dry out until morning.  This morning, I simply shook the bag again and back to new it returned…ready and waiting on the hook behind my front door.

Make it a Great Day backpack at the pool

Poolside Bag

The Make it a Great Day Bag is literally the only bag you need. It is my all in one, never too big – never too small, bag!

Plan something different this weekend. Leave the lawn for later and enjoy time with the people you care about most. Fill yourself up with quality time, spent with those that keep your positivity flowing. The rest of your week will thank you for it.  This weekend reach for the Make it a Great Day bag to keep things simple.