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Even the most zealous of us find our enthusiasm waning from time to time. Our vision to launch a new business, spend more time with our families, or make some new health commitments, can be tested when the mundane routine of daily responsibilities tires us. The Holiday time of year is a time we often feel a new sense of wonder and possibility. We tend to spend more time with family, choosing to slow down just a little and let go of our long list of things to do.  In doing so, we can lift the stress of the daily routine and give ourselves a chance to be inspired once again. Today is Christmas, so how can we enjoy the Holiday Season and enjoy some inspiration again before the Holiday passes you by?

making holiday memories, how to keep the holidays stress free, how to enjoy more family time during the holidays, little girl heated hot coffee frosty winter in snow-covered park3 Inspiration for the Holiday Season

1. Watch classic movies: Let’s admit it It’s a Wonderful Life, really does have some powerful messages. Even when things seem to be going totally wrong, there is always hope! Hang in there and watch things turn around! This time of year broadcasters are adding a great line up to their programming. Even broadcasters know we are likely to take the time to watch a classic during the month of December than any other time of the year. It just seems fitting. So, take the opportunity and enjoy something from “back when”. Consider the ways things were back when, and consider how some of those attributes don’t have to exist only “back when”. Before you are all tucked into bed tonight, put on one of your favorite classics and breathe in the nostaligia.

2. Read Classic Christmas Stories: It may seem trivial, or nothing more than nostalgia, but nostalgia is a powerful motivator. There are always some truly redeeming qualities found in memories of times long gone. Use this power to push you towards what you desire to see in your own life.

the best gifts don't cost a thing, stress free holidays, how to plan your time during the holiday season, how to choose what to committ to this holiday season, Most versatile all-in-one bags on sale3. Read inspirational quotes: A Short quote can pack in profound thinking.  Inspirational quotes can come from numerous sources and often come from those whom modern society may not even consider “accomplished”. Be inspired by pieces of wisdom that give you a small glimpse into what could be, and don’t be afraid to apply some of the principles that worked for days gone by, in your own life…today!

Merry Christmas from Make it a Great Day!