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Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all. –Henry David Thoreau

Reading is a delight, but a lot of people struggle with making it a regular habit. Most of us have more books we want to read than the discipline required to achieve it. So we have gathered some great tips to help you turn your reading wish list into a “done reading list.”

Put in on your schedule

You should be intentional on setting up times during each day to read for at least 5-10 minutes. It can be at breakfast, during lunch or before going to bed. After you have mastered this time, you can move it up, and continue to grow you reading habit.

better reading habitsAlways carry a book with you

Take a book with you anywhere you go. This way if you have time to spare during the day, you will always have a book to go to. It is an excellent way to invest waiting time, like on a doctor’s office. Remember our backpacks have specific compartments for your book to go with you everywhere.

Make a list and set goals

Make a list of all the books you wish to read during a particular period (keep it realistic and achievable). Save it on your computer, a notebook or you can even a great tool is also to create a Gmail account and send it there, and then you can write emails to yourself about the books you are reading and put them on a “done” folder every time you are done.

Find a quiet place

Look for a quiet and comfortable place in your home and turn it into your reading spot. Try not to have any distractions near like TV, computer or noisy people around. The more inviting the place is, the more you will want to go there.

Reduce Television/Internet

Plane and simple, internet and TV distract us from the bookshelf. Reduce your technology time and invest it in a good book. You will never regret it!
reading habits

Make it pleasurable

Make your time of reading something you look forward to. Prepare yourself a  good coffee or tea or any treat you like. Get a comfy chair or couch with a good blanket. Also, find nice outdoor places to enjoy your reading.