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Here at Make Great Days we have been talking about being intentional with your life. New Year’s Goals are part of that process. It takes an effort to stay on track with your goals. Daily and weekly goals help. Some of us made some new commitments to our health. Because no one else can change our health right? Maybe that late night bowl of ice cream started showing around your middle. Maybe the extra handful of chips with your mid-day sandwich hasn’t gone quietly. So, in 2016, you set out to make some changes, and one month later, Valentine’s Day hits hard! Chocolate, cookies, and candies line the shelves of nearly every corner store, supermarket, and shop in town! What will you do? Well, you’ll eat some candy that’s what you’ll do. That is unless you have a plan.

Low sugar options for a healthy Valentine's Day, Delicious baked cupcakesHere is your plan to face Valentine’s Day with some sugarless or lower sugar options!

1. Heart shaped apple tarts. – Simmer 2 C. diced green apples in 4 C water. When the water cooks out, add 1Tbs. butter, 1 Tbs. Sugar, and 1 Tbs. cinnamon. Mix well and cool. In your ramekin dishes line the sides and bottom with Vanilla flavored wafer cookies, then fill with the apple filling.

2. Prepare a platter full of Fresh Strawberry Kebobs. Then, add  a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk over the plate.

3. Create mini marshmallow filled raspberries. Simply wash your berries and dry well. Then stuff each pitted raspberry with a mini marshmallow.

Make it a great day start, Eat better, new year's goals, 4. Indulge in some chocolate dipped mandarin oranges. Simply, fill a wax paper lined cookie-sheet with mandarin oranges then pour melted dark chocolate over each orange and refrigerate.

5. Prepare a yogurt and fruit parfaits with. Add granola and dark chocolate chips to garnish.

6. Bake a flour-less chocolate soufflé. Garnish with a mixed berry preserve drizzled on top.

Enjoy delicious Homemade Valentine’s Day treats that will make your mouth water and keep you on track with your health goals.