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Holiday memories are part of what makes the holiday season so special. Family members coming home, favorite foods cooking, classic movies and music. Who can resist Bing Crosby Christmas music? With life moving at such a fast pace and our calendars too full, how can we slow down and enjoy this time of year with the people who mean the most to us?

Here are 5 tips to keep the Craze out of Christmas this year

making holiday memories, how to keep the holidays stress free, how to enjoy more family time during the holidays, little girl heated hot coffee frosty winter in snow-covered park1. Limit your Holiday calendar. You must limit what you plan so that you can focus on what matters most. Saying yes to something means you are saying no to something else. Be sure you have thought through who you are saying yes to and who you are saying no to.

2. Plan unmoveable dates. Once you choose to focus in on the people that matter most, you will want to create dates in your calendar this month to do something special with your loved ones; making a memory…..intentionally.

3. Consider some fun ideas to bring the family together.

  • Creating handmade ornaments
  • Baking cookies
  • Putting together a pre-boxed gingerbread house kit.
  • Viewing Christmas lights

make holiday memories4. Pick a new food tradition that the whole family can help make. Consider your roots and find a recipe that may have been buried for years.  In our fast paced life, we often lay traditional recipes to the side in lieu of easier, faster meals. Choosing an old-time recipe brings us back to simpler times and help us reflect.

5. Plan a shopping list early. Another reason we feel swept away by the season is the endless list of people we feel we need to buy a gift for. Then there are always those last innate situations – an invitation to a dinner party for instance- when you realize you should have picked up a little something. Don’t forget the easiest gift to give….the Make It A Great Day Bag – The most versatile Tote/Backpack.

Enjoying the Holidays can be easier than you think! Make your holiday plan with our 5 simple steps to end the Christmas Craze.