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School is back in session and you may be thinking your school days ended a long time ago! Pay attention and you will notice that your chance to continue learning arises every day!

Girl Reading a Book5 Things life long learners do:

1. They Read books, on everything. Fictional Biographies, New York Time’s Best Seller List Books, Books about historical events, current events and hot topics books. But they don’t read Gossip Columns or material that adds no life to their mind.

2. They Admit when they don’t know something. They have learned the importance of knowing where to find information when needed. Admitting you don’t know something , only means you don’t know, right now. Information is at our fingertips and once you have learned how to learn you will never “not know” for long.

3. They learn a new skill regularly and practice that new skill often. It may be gardening, woodworking, touch typing at a faster speed, learning to repair your own basic plumbing, or maybe even taking on a new language. Life long learners know that they are never just idly sitting by waiting for 50 more years to end. They can be a vibrant part of life and they challenge their potential on a regular basis.

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imaginative play on a great day4. They Participate with younger generations. They don’t scoff at the kids who don’t know anything, but instead take the opportunity to share some information and insight with those young people that will enrich their lives – should the young accept and use the information offered, is up to them. But the part of being involved in teaching the next generation in one form or another, that is up to you!

5. They Reflect often. They are regularly taking an inventory of how well they are acting upon the previous 4 points and making necessary adjustments. Just like our bank books need attention and adjustments. Maybe there are times we recognize an unnecessary expense in an area of our budget and its setting off the rest of our financial plan each month. It may be time to pull back in that area of spending and re allot funds. The same applies to being a life long learner. It may be time to re allot your time or your efforts to another area. Maybe your work life has overflowed a little too much into your family life. Taking time to reflect on your goals helps you to make necessary mid course corrections that will reset you on the path toward accomplishing all that you have dreamed of doing.

Life Long Learners know how to make Proactive Choices that Make Today Great!

Let your dreams take flight! Learn to Make your Days Great by becoming a life long learner. Reflecting often and learning new things regularly are great tools to keeping you vibrant and enjoying life.

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