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I had to comment about our first bag purchase from Tim. The other day my wife left for the first time with the 1 bag instead of 3. This put a big smile on my face and I said:  make it a great day! With my wife as a full time mom (6 month at home) and a full time worker, she fit everything in there! We also look forward to using it on our mountain getaways! Thanks for putting this together Tim!   ~ Devon

Our company truly believes that the details can change a good day to a great day!

With that philosophy in mind, we created our company and we try to provide the best outdoor bags to our customers. In order to accomplish this goal, we apply the following ingredients:


We offer high quality outdoor bags with top of the line materials that guarantee beautiful, durable products that you can enjoy for a very long time!

Free Shiping

We offer free shipping inside the United States for all of Make It A Great Day bags that you purchase, so you just pay for the product and not for any shipping fee.

Innovative Products 

We are constantly searching for new ways to innovate our existing products and researching new ways to create amazing new products. We aim to deliver the most innovated outdoor bags in the market.

With these values we try to create products that contribute for our customers to make their day a great day!!!


Change Your Day from a Good Day to a Great Day!!!

logoThe story of our first product is similar to Devon’s family experience. We needed a larger bag! Our family tried to pack a typical tote beach bag to the gills. It was bulky and hard to carry. Even though it seemed to be what everyone was carrying to the beach at the time…  That’s when Tim came across the idea of a backpack beach bag

We put a lot of attention into making a backpack that is very enjoyable to use and works for all your daily needs, as well as any adventure you and the family want to go on. Call it mountain getaways or the day to day adventures of getting yourself to work and back with  !

We look forward to creating more innovative products that will help motivate people to make a higher commitment to those things that we truly value. Contact us at (720) 663-8739 or send an email to [email protected] and we will be more than glad to answer all your questions and concerns.

Share your comments and your experience with your Make it a Great Day Backpack. We’re listening!