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Learning how to capture lost hours in your day takes a strategy. The first step we learned is resetting our body clock to follow it’s natural circadian rhythm (sleep cycle). By simply going to bed earlier and waking earlier we allow our bodies and therefore, our brains the sleep they need for all reparative processes to occur providing you with a higher functioning mind and body all day long!

Two More Steps to Maximize Productivity by Recapturing Lost Time in Your Day:

  1. Make A Schedule and Stick To It: This means you only do what is designated for you to do in a particular time slot. Don’t second guess your schedule. Once you have analyzed your workload and placed your tasks within your schedule, don’t rearrange or try to outsmart it. If it says you only answer emails from 8 a.m. – 9 a..m then don’t answer emails at 11 a.m. even though a push notification pops up on your screen. These little distractions can derail your entire day! Optimize your efficiency by completing tasks during their assigned time slot and not allowing them to blend into other time slots. Surfing is a great way to have fun
  2. Have Some Fun: When we fall behind, fun time is usually the first to be set aside. This is a big mistake and actually hinders your productivity even more. Make a point to schedule something you enjoy doing every day. Whether it’s a hobby, working out, reading your favorite novel, or simply perusing an interesting magazine, let your mind take a break from the routine. By allowing yourself time in your schedule to be “off”, your mind has a chance to let the chemical levels reset. Adrenaline lowers, the heart rate lowers, and ultimately your stress lowers. All of these are great ways to keep your mind sharp for when it needs to be “on”!

With these simple time management tips, you will see your lost hours in a day recaptured for higher levels of productivity and lower levels of stress. That will put you on the path to making every day a great day!