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Shoppers have been lining the aisles of just about every type of local business since before Thanksgiving. It’s as though there is an invisible stopwatch counting down the time until midnight of the December 24th.
What is the goal of all this mad rush….to find the perfect gift! We all want to see that smile spread across the faces of our loved ones. We love to spread joy. Being the reason someone is happy is a great feeling! What if you could see that smile spread across her face without having spent a cent? Is that really possible? Sometimes joy and peace are found in the most unsuspecting places. While you’re out and about crossing off those gift items from your list, take a moment to consider some of the best gifts you have ever received and how much they really cost?

the best gifts don't cost a thing, stress free holidays, how to plan your time during the holiday season, how to choose what to committ to this holiday season, Most versatile all-in-one bags on saleCheck out our list of 15 things you can give without spending a cent!

1. Your undivided attention
2. A sunset or sunrise
3. A long walk with no real destination in mind
4. Sleeping in for a day…or two
5. A Dance with your someone special….your daughter, your son, or your spouse
6. A freshly picked flower, or collection of freshly fallen leaves
7. A drawing, or another piece of original artwork
the best gifts don't cost a thing, making holiday memories, how to keep the holidays stress free, how to enjoy more family time during the holidays, Family Sledging Through Snowy Woodland8. A Love note, or letter of appreciation
9. An afternoon nap
10. A hearty, belly laugh
11. A lingering hug
12. A cup of tea in front of a crackling fire
13. Homemade hot chocolate
14. That song that takes you back
15. Time…. with the one you love!

Take a chance this Christmas and give a gift that lasts. Take time, give attention, savor a moment…linger. Gifts that last don’t have to be the most expensive in the shop. It only takes a willingness to give ourselves fully to the ones we love, and for that we don’t have to spend a cent.