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Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Are you the kind that remembers the night before and so you swing into the closest drug store to grab whatever is left near the register? This year, don’t be surprised by Valentine’s Day. There are lots of ways to show your love and appreciation for the ones you care about without spending an arm and a leg! Here are some easy and fun ways to express your love or gratitude to your favorite people this Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to be super creative, just pick one of our ideas, add the candy or item listed and sign your name!

Don’t have a significant other? Well, don’t think that Valentine’s is only for couples! Valentine’s Day is simply a time to express to your favorite people that they make your world a better place. Everyone loves to receive a Valentine Card or gift. It means that we mattered to someone and that is a great feeling!

Grab a colorful piece of paper and jot down your thoughts, or take one of ours. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just making the effort to show how you feel is great step.

investing in relationships, a thankful attitude produces happier people, , Volunteer in your communityTry these 12 easy ways to show your appreciation this Valentine’s Day:

1. Pixie Sticks: “Stick with Me!”

2. Extra Brand Gum:  “You’re Extra Special to me.”

3. Pop Rocks Candy:  “You Rock Valentine!”

4. Personalize a door hangar: write “I love hanging out with you!”

5. A deck of playing cards: ” You are one of a kind!”

6. A set of hair clips: “Let’s Stick together!” Great for a little girl.

7. I “Wheelie” like you – with a hot wheels car attached.

8. Donut holes / Or Golf Ball: “You’re my hole in one!”

9. Box of crayons: “You bring color to my life! ”

10. Local map: “You mean the world to me. ”

11. Owl figure or graphic: “You’re a hoot! ”

12. “You’re the highlight of my day”: A highlighter.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day Pass you by!