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Here at Make Great Days we are big fans of maintaining healthy relationships and pursuing common goals with the most important people in our lives!  Valentine’s Day is just another reminder for many of us that we need to do something to show our love to the ones who matter most to us! Unfortunately too often we don’t take the time to show our love and appreciation on a regular basis. So, we take pretty big hint from one of the most popular Holidays – Valentine’s Day. While it’s good to be reminded of the importance of showing our love, we think it’s a great goal to make a show of appreciation weekly if not daily! Take a few hints from our list  of ideas.

 Plan a picnic for Valentine's Day, CELEBRATE LABOR DAY10 Creative Ways to show your love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Plan a Romantic Massage. Don’t forget the candles!
  2. Plan a Picnic. Find the perfect spot ahead of time, and plan your menu. Don’t skip on dessert.
  3. Cover the house in “Post-It” love notes. Literally, stick a “Post-It” Everywhere. Need some help on what to say? Ask Hallmark!
  4. Make some homemade Valentine’s Day Candy. With recipes like “Fool Proof Fudge” you can’t go wrong.
  5. Plan a classic Movie Marathon! And just to be clear, we are talking about Breakfastat Tiffany’s kinda Classic, not The Magnificent Seven, or any other gun-slinging western!
  6. Plan breakfast in bed…with a really good imported coffee. Skip the grocery store brand and go for the gold.
  7. Plan a living room picnic. Create a buffet of options from several of your favorite take-out restaurants. Who says chow mein and buffalo chicken wings can’t be eaten together?
  8. Make a homemade gift for the bath or shower. Try a sugar scrub or bath oil. It’s really not that hard!
  9. plan a long walk for Valentine's Day, Make it a Great day at the VineyardsTake a long walk. Leave the dog at home, and talk!
  10. Create a Dark Room! Throw and extra sheet over the bedroom curatins and plan to Sleep In! Together of course.

This Valentine’s Day, bring out your originality! Try one of our easy low cost ways to be creative and show your loved ones how you feel!